Your safety is paramount to everything we do and every decision we make. We seek the same commitment from you. Please consider the safety of our staff and other climbers before coming to climb. If you have any doubt about your own health status, stay home.
Whilst we are in the endemic phase of the pandemic it is necessary to remain considerate of others. Please adher to the following SOP's to ensure you and your climbing partners do not catch or transfer Covid-19.

We welcome you back to climb.



KBS has lifted all capacity requirements. Camp5 is permitted to operate at full capacity however we understand that everyone is still adjusting to life after Covid. The live climber count below will help you decide where to climb if you wish to avoid the crowds.

We ask all climbers and visitors to Camp5 to please follow the requirements and adhere to these new policies. Remember, we are all in this together so we all have to bear our own responsibility toward our fellow climbers.

*Last update 1st May 2022


The following policies are implemented at all Camp5 outlets to keep our facilities safe for climbers.

  • Present your Mysejahtera risk status upon entry. Entry will be denied to anyone showing “Covid Positive”, “High Risk” and those under HSO.
  • Full vaccination is no longer required. Unvaccinated climbers are welcome.
  • Please postpone your climbing activity if you feel any flu or fever-like symptoms.
  • Showers are open and available to use. 
  • Rental equipment stock, including lead climbing ropes, are available. For hygienic reasons, we require socks to be worn with rental shoes.
  • Water fountains may only be used.
  • Wearing of face mask is required at all times, except when you are on the wall or actively exercising.
  • Sanitizing stations and will remain throughout the facility. We encourage climbers to sanitize their hands and touchpoints regularly.

Camp5 crew will be carrying out frequent daily cleaning of all common touch surfaces.


The following measures are implemented in all Camp5 outlets to ensure safe distancing is practiced.

  • Reservation is no longer required. We encourage those who wish to avoid crowds to use the live capacity count to choose which Camp5 to climb.
  • All-Day climbing is back 🙂 As the capacity limits have been lifted and reservation is no longer required we have removed the 3-hour time limit. You are welcome to stay and climb as long as you like.
  • Guests are welcome. If it is your guest’s first trip to Camp5 please ask them to register online at to ensure a smooth and swift check-in process.
  • Hugs and high-fives are back 🙂 Social distancing is no longer required. But personal space is still a thing, so respect boundaries.
  • Spot your climber. Hands up, elbows bent, wide stance, and thumbs in.  
  • Please be considerate. Whilst the SOP’s have relaxed it may take time for some to ease back to life after Covid. A fist bump is still as good as a high-five. You do you.

Please follow staff instructions and maintain safe social distancing to ensure we all are protected!


Under the current SOP’s effective from 1st May 2022, entry to Camp5 will require you to present your current Mysejahera status. Entry will be prohibited for anyone who shows:

  1. Covid-19 Positive
  2. High Risk
  3. Under HSO

If your Mysejahtera shows any of the above you can try to click the “Refresh Status” icon in the top left of the screen. If this doesn’t work, try clicking the Help link for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Last update 1st May 2022

Can you be 100% sure I am safe from Covid-19 when climbing in Camp5?
We can proudly say that for the past two years we have not a single transmission case linked to Camp5. However, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of Covid. Wearing the mask when not climbing and regularly sanitizing your hands (especially before eating) will go a long way to keep you safe.

Do you clean the wall & holds?
Climbing hold cleaning is carried out as part of our regular routesetting. Studies have also demonstrated antiviral qualities in climbers’ chalk. Check this link to read more –

Do I need to make a reservation?
No, effective from May 1st, 2022, reservation is no longer required. However, if you are planning to join a program it may be recommended/required to book in advance.

Can I still bring a Guest?
Yes. If it is your guest’s very first visit to Camp5, please ask them to register online at This will help us to provide a swift and smooth check-in process when you arrive.

Will there still be gear to rent?
Yes, all gear is available for rent.

Are the Changing Rooms, Showers and Lockers Open?
Yes, showers are available.


As climbers we are uniquely skilled in weighing the risks against the gains. Combined with our leave-no-trace principles it should be second nature for every climber to adopt new practices that prioritize safety and our social responsibility.